About us

About us

Sagitta Solers Ltd. of Zagreb is a company with experience in innovative technologies and product development. The company follows new market trends and technologies. For this purpose Sagitta Solers Ltd. gathered a multidisciplinary team of food biotechnologists, pharmacists, experienced professionals in the field of property and personal protection, engineers, domestic agricultural producers and numerous enthusiasts in various specialties. The ultimate result of their collaboration is this unique product produced in Croatia for the first time.

Why choose us as a supplier?

We follow our clients closely. With an attractive rebate scale, we offer graphic design solutions for sales spaces. Each client, will get all the necessary presentation material for free, with an initial purchase of at least 3 different types of PHS. Display and packaging boxes are specially labeled and handling and presentation is very easy. We provide all the necessary information for resellers with the possibility of free training for sales staff.
Each wholesale buyer who enters our database benefits from our free samples, and has their sales point posted on our website as well as other benefits of our reward system.
A simple contact form contributes to easier registration and correspondence.
Let your company become part of this sales network. with the growing demand for this unique Croatian product.

Comparison chart of PHS and competition:

Advantages of cooperation with us!

Professional and client relationship

Our employees and associates will provide you with all the necessary product information and how to use them, as well as free employee training.

Fast delivery

In cooperation with leading delivery services, delivery to cities is done within 24 hours.
Documents are delivered automatically when downloaded and the buyer is informed about the status of the shipment by SMS.


Clear information on all our products are packaged in functional boxes showing quantity, content, concentration and strength of solutions, as well as the necessary precautions. Each article is clearly labeled with a bar code.

Development co-operation

Each client can present their own requirements in terms of a mix of characteristics, according to which we can produce a smaller product range, especially for individual clients.
We also offer white labeling where we develop and produce a product under your brand name.