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Which pepper spray is best for me?

When selecting a pepper spray, consider the circumstances in which it would be used, whether there is a risk of outdoor or indoor exposure and whether there is a possibility of the spray getting in contact with open flames in this area. For universal use, the most effective pepper spray is the one that releases the OC mixture in the jet form. In addition to this, the amount and strength of the OC mixture are most important in order to ensure the pepper spray’s maximum efficiency. Our OC extract belongs to the strongest group of OC extracts on the market. Laboratory testing (HPLC) proved the strength of the extract to be 2,445,000 SHU or % MC (major capsaicinoids) up to 1,33%. More than 80,000 SHU is considered to be extremely hot. By comparison, German police use pepper sprays of 0.3% to 0.6% MC. We also offer a professional pepper spray, PHS PRO of 1.33% MC in strength, which is filled with a non-flammable formula.

PHS offers 3 basic types of pepper sprays:
1. PHS Beastly is designed to protect you against attacks of various aggressive animals primarily dogs, wolves, foxes, and big game . It is intended for hikers, foresters, pet owners and anyone who could have a “close encounter” with an aggressive animal. With a concentration of 6% this pepper spray is sufficient to provide protection against all dangerous animals. It is completely harmless to animals and leaves no lasting consequences on their health. We offer a double strenght pepper spray against the bear attack with 1.2% MC, which is popular with hunters. It comes in two sizes, 40 ml and 50 ml.
2. PHS Universal is designed to protect against human attack and thatof big game. It comes in two sizes, 40 ml and 50 ml. With a concentration of 10% and 1.2% MC in strength this pepper spray is sufficient for self-defense against a human or bear attack.
3. PHS PRO is designed to protect against human attack and that of larger wildlife. It comes in two sizes, 40 ml and 50 ml. With a concentration of 12% and 1.33MC % in strength this pepper spray is sufficient for self-defense in the event of a human or bear attack. PHS PRO contains a non-flammable formula and is exceptionally strong (hot), so it’s great for professional use.

How long do the effects of the pepper spray last ?

OC affects the respiratory system, eyes, skin, mucous membranes and motor skills, whichwill beimpaired by it. When this this substance touches the body it reacts as if it was burnt. The part of the body that comes into contact with the active substance becomes red, irritated and secretes fluid. If it comes into contact with the eyes and mucous membranes, it acts as an irritant and disables the attacking person or animal . Most of the symptoms mentioned disappear spontaneously after 15 minutes, and completely within 3 hours. The strength of symptoms depends on the concentration and the OC extract strength in the OC mixture.

How do I carry a pepper spray to make it easy for me to react quickly?

When using pepper sprays its best to follow the two second reaction rule. It is relatively easy if the pepper spray is kept in an easily accessible place. The optimal solution is to keep it in a carrybag that is kept on the waistband, upper arm or palm and is ideal for easy and discreet carrying of pepper spray. PHS can also be carried in your pocket or purse, without the risk of inadvertently activating it. In any case, if you are in danger, prepare your pepper spray in advance so that you can use it quickly. If necessary, train this reaction so that in the event of panic, muscle memory will make the most of that reaction.

How far can the distance between us and the attacker be?

PHS is most effective at the distance of 3 meters from the attacker, while the ultimate test range is 6 meters.

What are emergency procedures?

Emergency & First Aid Procedures:

In case of contamination of area. Remove victim from contaminated area and remove contaminated clothing. Provide fresh air. Wash out with cool water or milk. Obtain medical advice is symptoms persist.

If swallowed do not induce vomiting. If victim is conscious and not convulsing, rinse mouth with water. Ingest milk or water.

Where can I buy PHS?

On Our web page you can find retail locations and wholesale.

Wholesale: Company Sagitta Solers ltd carries wholesale for EU region as well as middle East.

Partners and retailers contact are stated below:

Retail in Croatia: American shop, Zagreb,

Is there possibility of custom made product?

Of course! We can provide complete custom made solution according to customer desire. Small MOQ is what can gave our partners easy head start.

What is All Around Round Technology?

It is an innovative technology especially designed for releasing the OC mixture from all positions of the spray canister. All our pepper sprays are equipped with the latest generation of valve which enables reliable releasing of the OC mixture from all positions of the spray canister. In real-life situations this characteristic is crucial.

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