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We are happy that you are using our site. It gives you additional insight into self-defense sprays, related terms and some other concerns you may have had about this topic. Before you decide on buying pepper spray, you can find comparisons of PHS and other pepper sprays and review the characteristics of all our products here.
The possibility of legal and effective self-defense, at relatively low cost and ease of use make PHS superior to all other self-defense systems of the same category.

So why would PHS not become your reliable companion?

Characteristics of our OC blend:

A concentrated OC extract was selected for each type of pepper spray.
Each PHS has different features that suit almost every purpose.
PHS PRO has the highest concentration of OC extract of high pungency which can stop the attacker instantaneously, while the PHS Beastly has a lower concentration of OC extract and is more appropriate for animal anatomy.

Product Design:

When designing and selecting components, we paid special attention to the efficiency, reliability and ergonomics of the product.
Our spray can be used comfortably with gloves. A safety cap completely prevents accidental discharge and improvess targeting.

Technical solutions:

The filling and valve technology allows for efficient spraying of the OC mixture in all directions regardless of the position in which the canister is held (all around technology). Such technology guaranteesthat the spray will work regardless of the position you or the bottle are in.
he minimum throw all around technology makes this product superior.

Quality and standards:

The production of OC extract followsHACCP, Halal and Kosher standards, and only GMO Free hot pepper plants are used.

The OC mixture has been registered with the Croatian Toxicology and Anti-Doping Agency.

Our team!

We gathered a team of experts in pharmacy, safety, trade and design with the aim of developing the best possible product.
We tested the PHS in different situations, and with this knowledge we improved on existing products.
Ultimately, we offer you an extremely strong, practical and reliable self-defense spray.


High concentrations of OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) extract as well as high MC (Major Capsaicinoids) at all doses.


Innovative technology for spraying OC mixtures from all positions of the spray canister. All Around Technology!


Design of safety cap that prevents accidental activation and improves targeting.


Bottles of smaller volume allow for easy carrying. On the other hand, due to the high concentration and strength of the OC mixture, the volume of the bottle is sufficient for multiple use.


The range of the OC mixture which is sprayed is min 3 m which allows us to keep a safe distance from the attacker.


Our OC mixture has HACCP, Halal and Kosher Certification only GMO free plants are used , which ensures the safety and harmlessness of the product.

Our services!

The PHS Center offers different services, which all conform to customer requirements. Entrepreneurs who choose us as their partner are offered numerous opportunities for collaboration in developing special purpose products, new solutions, the purchasing of spare parts and equipment and consultation and training.


According to client specifications we can produce small custom series of specialized product.


Additional equipment is made of high quality materials and in a wide selection of colors and camouflage patterns. Made in Croatia, EU!


By analyzing the specificity of the environment and purpose, we propose the best solution for self-defense in situations of risk.